*new ideas

I read my *universe email today and it had me thinking....

I read my *horoscope today and it had me thinking....

there are new ideas percolating and i'm excited about it.  it's funny how there are times when nothing, absolutely nothing is percolating and other times when you are full to the brim with ideas you can't possibly keep up.  right now, is not overloaded but just enough to be excited.  don't you just love that?

love new ideas, new ways to be creative, new ways to be, new ways to look and feel?  i'm always changing the way i look and now it's time to change up the feelings part.  no more ho-hum or down and out or worried or what have you.  it's time to shine and be excited and happy!

i'm in the mood for a list...so let's make one.  where i come from... has been on my mind.  an old prompt from my wild writing days.  play along if you will and leave a link in the comments.  i always love reading other peoples!

where i come from?

i come from ray, vicki, elmer and delores and floyd and joan

i come from gravel roads and old rusty trucks

i come from apartments and houses that were remodeled

i come from dairy queen and tilly's pizza

i come from up north to small towns

i come from public schools and riding banana seat bikes in the summer

i come from snow up to your waist to frozen toes in ice skates

i come from rivers and lakes

i come from road trips and alabama on the stereo

i come from wanna be hippies

i come from work hard and don't make a fuss to asking for what you want and getting it

i come from risks being taken and following your dreams

i come from travel to NYC to Mexico to Jamaica to California

i come from family around the table laughing to crying to laughing again

i come from drinks at the bar and money in jukebox

i come from sitting in a deer stand to nights in long underwear around the fire

i come from high school to college to drop outs to jobs

i come from questions to answers to questions again

i come from love inside and out.


where do you come from?