new beginnings

Peonies Polaroid It's been over a year since I last posted, I thought maybe I was done.  This whole blogging thing had run it's course...but here I am.

Today is June 1st and it's the first day of my birthday month.  I may be too old to celebrate my birthday month but this one holds so much.

So much newness, so many things wrapping up or happening. 

Mabel will be printed and shipped out to all the people who believed in us, in her still feels like we're in a dream when I think about the work, the contributors, the words, the art, the images, the angst and the love that has gone into this first issue.  I feel a vulnerability hangover coming on...

Last year I celebrated my 40th so the 40th year is almost coming to a close and I had this list...this list to do before I was 40 ...and then I gave myself the year I was 40 ...and well there are still things on that list i won't be crossing off.  but there are things on that list that have been added so I can ...yes...check them off...  and even though i would of loved to have crossed everything off this list, it doesn't mean i still won't ...things take time...especially when you're a parent...yes, things take time.

In 29 days I will boarding a one-way flight to Boulder, CO to meet up with the Typerider II trip; still can't believe it's so close now.  But I will be riding,  driving along on the trip to document and to live out, yet another dream... to road-trip.  It's going to be good people...very very good.  Follow along here and on facebook~ we'll be posting at the end of every night.

The trip ends in my home town of Beloit, the poetry gardens of Beloit College.  The circles that keep happening...they aren't coincidence.

Welcome to a new month and to new memories and to new beginnings and we'll just have to wait and see what else.



jumping in*

I think when I take too much time away from this space it begins to feel so hard to jump back in, but today I'm just diving.  Because I have all these photos to share, all these stories to share and sometimes you just have to jump.

This photo above was just taken this past weekend when we ventured down to Santa Cruz ~ this is Natural Bridges State Beach...what a beautiful day we had.  Not to say there weren't moments of frustration and crabbiness but in this moment there was silly.




Teahouse Studio is in the latest Mingle Magazine ~ Tiffany wrote the article and I took the photos!  I am super duper excited to have my photos in this beautiful magazine.  It's so easy to take great photos at Teahouse ~ it oozes creativity, beauty and most of the photos were taken the weekend that Kelly Rae and Andrea had their Delicious Food and Conversation workshop, so it was pretty decorated for the event.  If you haven't see the magazine, check it out - such great stories and yummy photos throughout.  Stampington knows what they're doing when it comes to publishing.  Oh and Mingle is all about creative gatherings and what better place to feature Teahouse :)

ps. hey my photos and small story were featured on Cafe Mom The Stir ~ check it out, it was a lot of fun!

What is a Map Maker?

A few months back I was in a room with a few friends and they were talking about having a session with the great Alexandra Franzen and how it was totally awesome .... but they had work to do. 

They had to figure out where to start and to get away from being so overwhelmed with awesome ideas.  I was soaking it all in and just said, "I can help you with that"..."what?" ...  "I can help you map everything out, I can break it all down so it's easier to look at and not be so overwhelming"  And that is how it all began.  Well, I've been doing "this" for a long time but not really knowing what "this" is besides being a Project Manager for 10 + years.  But I have a knack for looking at big ideas and making them doable.  Who knew?! 

My friend looked at me with some excitement in her eyes and said "Yes! You're the Map Maker!"  So that is where the name came from and this is what I'm doing!

I'm uber excited about it and every time I get done with a session I'm so jazzed!  Happy and excited for the person I'm helping but also just re-energized about my OWN stuff. 

You see, it's so much easier to do this for other people than it is to do it for myself.  But I have to say I've been taking my own advice and breaking things down and really creating a schedule that is REALISTIC and really checking things off the list. 

I've had this blog post in my head for well over a month.  Telling myself to just do it, or there were obstacles about the webpage, the copy, imagery ..etc...and yes, those things needed or still need to get done but there's nothing wrong with just saying I DO THIS!  and I can do it for you too!  I can help you write that book, I can help you map out the 2-3 ecourses you have in your head, I can help you manage your time and get things done.  The big question is what are you avoiding and what are you afraid of?  Or what will finishing that one project look like and feel like when it's done and out in the world?

I'm ready to help create the map you need to fullfill those dreams, those projects, that life.  It's fun for me and when we're done with just 1 ~ 90 minute session you will have clarity; #1, you will have clarity.  I guarantee it actually.

So ask me questions, tell me what you think...or just do a little happy dance for me because I finally wrote the post that talks about this new adventure!


finding the words


do you ever have those moments when you have so many words in your mind but you can't seem to get them out?  I feel like I've had numerous blog posts going on in my head these past few weeks but getting here to get them out has seemed impossible.  Not sure why....  well i do.  

I've been stressed and trying to keep my head afloat.  you see finances over here have me in a tizzy and my youngest just started preschool with teary goodbyes and I'm trying to "take myself" more seriously with my businesses and trying to launch some new ideas ...maybe that's why I haven't been coming here.

i feel like there are so many personal things going on and i'm not really sure what should or shouldn't come out on this page.  the boundry is hazy that's for sure.  sometimes i can you all the most personal thing and then other times i'm just not sure... so i stay away. i seem to do that...huddle in a corner and disengage I guess. Isolate myself.  But that doesn't ever seem to really help. 

i've had some great friends pop into my life this year and i've really felt heard and held and I finally don't feel so alone. I've felt alone most of my life, for reasons all my own I'm sure.  Now if all those great friends could just move in next door life would be perfecto :)

I really plan on coming here more often to share in the triumphs and the not so good stuff going on.  I want to and feel i need to.  We need to be talking about it all.  the good and the bad.  I seem to gloss over the good and I'm learning that I shouldn't.  i want you to know it's not all crappy over here...there are some pretty damn fine moments!  

as always, thanks for coming, i so appreciate you who come here time and time again to share in my story and to share yours.


"for the love of collaboration" interview with Liz Lamoreux & Kelly Barton

CR K and L I just love these two women!  I had the pleasure of meeting them both at Squam a few years back and have participated in one of Liz's retreats where she reads poetry like no other.  Kelly has the sassyness that I just adore and appreciate.  They are both midwestern gals like myself and are such creative, inspiring women ~ I'm so blessed to call them my friends.  Enjoy ~ 

How did you start collaborating?

K: We were two friends in need of more connection I think, and just began building from there. Before long, we were working on some amazing, big stuff.

L: I totally agree that having a strong desire for connection is where it began. And something about our energies and personalities just really mix so well. I think that there is this magic created because we allow space for each person to just show up and be herself.

What is it that you collaborate on?

K: Everything! Home, parenting and mostly business. We have worked on jewelry collaborations, and we collaborate on Liz's retreats. And now our new baby...Chickadee Road.

L: Since our first collaboration when Kelly helped me with my first retreat three years ago, I can see that we continually collaborate on making safe spaces for people to have fun, dig deep, and be themselves. Whether this means we are collaborating on a temporary tattoo design that we hope people will wear to invite more trust into their lives or we are brainstorming a project one of us wants to do for our own individual business or we are sharing stories at a retreat, we are creating that safe space for ourselves and others. And through this sacred container comes so much goodness.

How long have you been working together?

K: Oh my, I have to think back. i think we really began after I worked the Unearth Retreat. We have been friends for over 5 years, but after Ellie [Liz'a daughter] was born, I would say that is when we really began to brainstorm, scheme and plan. The last two years have truly been a collaboration.

L: After Ellie was born, Kelly was someone who gave me a lot of space to share all the ideas that were piling up in my head during the newborn phase where the ideas couldn't really become a reality just yet. From these conversations came this understanding of how well we just might work together on a true collaboration or two or three.

How do you navigate the miles between you?

K: Cell phones, Skype, email, Google apps and several flights a year! Since I began teaching with Liz at her retreats, we have been able to add a few extra days to some of my trips, so that I can stay longer and we can regroup a bit before i head home. I love the Pacific Northwest. I love croissants and lattes. It works!

L: I love Skype! We can jump right on and show one another what we are working on or just check in face to face to say, "How's it going over there?"

Have you collaborated in the past with others?  Or was this the first time? How/when did you know this partnership/collaboration was going to work?

K: I have collaborated with a few friends but more on art work. My friend Danielle Donaldson and I have done some fun art prompts with one another and then asked others to join in on our blogs. I love that. I have a local friend who is another amazing artist, Nina Cunningham. We have started sharing paintings to work on and will soon have a collaborative show here in town soon.

Liz and I have really been able to build a comfortable way of doing things. We both know that we do things in very different ways. Our personalities are very different. She is a new mom; I have been a mom for what seems like forever. We learn new things constantly, we regroup when we need to, and each of us brings something to the table. Like everything else, we make room for growing pains, laugh a lot and breathe deep when we need to.

L: What I am learning is that the keys to a successful collaboration are communication and love. Partners have to be able to express how they are feeling, what their needs are, and then be just as receptive in hearing those same needs and feelings from the other person. The fact that there is such an awesome, real friendship and respect between us helps our communication.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others that want to collaborate but haven’t found the right person?

K: Just allow it to happen. Take chances when you feel it is right, or that in the big picture could be a good thing. I think most importantly for us, we are friends. We lean on each other and I am sure that both of us being Indiana girls helps too.

L: If you haven't worked together before, one idea is to try small collaborations first just so you can see one another's strengths and communication styles and so on. And give one another space to think about how things are going and if you want to continue working on other collaborations. I don't think you have to have a history of friendship with someone you collaborate with, but I am learning this: I want to work with people I not only respect but who I would invite into my home even on the days it is a bit (or more than a bit) messy. This kind of openness and honestly, vulnerability, leads to work done on a deeper level and that is where I want to spend my time whether I am working or not.


Liz Lamoreux hosts retreats and teaches writing and creative self-care workshops in person and online. She is also the author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media and The Gift of This Moment home retreat kit. Connect with her and share your stories at

Kelly Barton is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who brings sass to her home base of middle Indiana. Most days you will find her in the studio with music playing and colors flying. She is inspired by the inner-workings of a girl's nutty mind and believes that growing up girl is enough inspiration for any artist. Kelly's creations can bring out the joyful rebel in any person or space. She features her artwork in her eclectic mixed media art pieces, funky notecards, spunky jewelry baubles, and fun tee-shirts. Kelly created Kelly Barton Art + Design to remind people that we're all connected, and because she believes we all need a bit of happy. Visit Kelly online at her website.

back to reality::


Back from Squam and still trying to get back into the groove and figuring out how to find my way without so many wonderful souls surrounding me.  It's so great to get away, like really get away from it all, see old friends, finally meet friends you've only known online and to meet new ones.  It's so much about connection for me.  Yes, my classes were amazing and I learned so much.  God, Maya D's story scarves class was so healing but also so freeing....I can sew if I want to.  I don't have to make it so hard. I finished my story scarf and I love it.  Like really love it.  I'm also very proud of myself.  I also had such a beautiful experience with Thea in one of her Spirit Sessions.  Getting my photo taken by her was such a gift and I have to say the photos are beautiful!  If you have a chance to be with her, do it!  You will be so happy you did. (I'll post a few of the photo she took in the next week)

While I was there I also crossed a few things off my list!  Super excited about that.  Yes, skinny dipping and drinking Whiskey.  Both in the same night!  It was so great. The weather was mellow and not at all cold like the last time I was there so skinny dipping wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  We had about 10 of us jump in under the star filled sky, it was truly awesome.  Jen and I stayed for a shooting star and we indeed saw one. WOW - I wish I could share that sky with you because there is really nothing like it.

So yes, back to reality....children, work, relationships, money ...all of it.  If you haven't noticed from past posts...I like to live in the fantasy world...but I am getting better.  I'm aware I do it so that's a step and I acknowledge that I really can't avoid it's all there all the time and avoiding it or ignoring what is true just doesn't work. ever.  But damn, everything is so emotional and draining.

I came back with some clarity around a few decisions that have been weighing on my mind though.  The other thing about going away besides just getting away from your day to day world is that you gain a perspective, you aren't IN it so you get to actually think about things.

I have a few fun announcements:

I'm over at Chickadee Road talking about motherhood and life once a month, really excited about that!  Be sure to check it out:) I just adore Liz and Kelly and so inspired by their collaboration! (psst...they might be my next collaboration interview next week!)

Teahouse is featured in the latest Mingle Magazine ~ Tiffany wrote the story and all the photos are MINE!  So delighted to be in one of their fabulous magazines.  A dream come true.  Photos of the layout coming soon!




5 Fact Friday - Reflections of YOU*


I love that Kim and Xanthe are continuing with this - I love a routine :)  and this one is so fun!

 watching for old faithful - yellowstone national park, wy

Fact #1: I've been here a few times this week but this is the first time I'm hitting the word publish.  Funny how sometimes the words are swirling around my head but don't seem to come out through the fingers.

Fact#2: I leave for Squam Art Workshops on Tuesday and it can't come soon enough!  I really am ready to get away from it all.  I'll be taking a photography/cupcake class and a sewing class - so psyched! AND planning on taking loads of photos!

old faithful ~ yellowstone national park, wy

Fact #3: Really knowing I have to move my body more, walk, yoga, bike anything! But it's been hard to actually do it!  I want to, but what's going to give?!

Fact #4: finding my photos from our road trip this summer is like re-living it all over again...ahhhh

shoshone falls, idaho

Fact #5: Talking with friends over tea, over skype, over wine is one of the best therapies ever!

Happy Friday everyone!!


5 Fact Friday - Reflections of YOU*

I so love Friday's :)  Join me and others over at Reflection of YOU ~ it's a great way to gather and be part of a growing community!

I had a great conversation with a friend today and it's really sticking with me.  Friends and different perspectives and AHA moments are so so so good.

#1:  I love routine, I really really do.  I sometimes get stuck in ruts because of them, but overall my routines ground me.  I never really thought about them too much but over the past year I'm realizing that they calm me and leave me less anxious in the end.  But I do love to shake it up too...:)

#2: Fall is approaching and I'm loving my cowboy boots and my knit hats.  I wear hats when I'm in dire need for a hair cut or color but I'm realizing I do really love throwing a hat on in the morning when it's getting chilly out there too.

#3: Sometimes it's hard for me to say I'm sorry to a loved one.  You'd think it would be easier but no, it's not.  I'm seeing that with parenting we are teaching what we most need to learn....sigh.  Yes, the lessons we keep having to learn over and over again in life.

#4: September is like beginning a new year, it's most likely because of the school calendar and I've never grown out of it and now with having children it's even more that way.  But it's chance to regroup, recharge and put forth new efforts. I love it.

#5: I leave for Squam in less than 2 weeks and I'm super excited ~ just the thought of getting on a plane to anywhere gets me going, but to leave by myself and getting to see new and old friends, to take workshops, to not be a host, to not be a parent, to just be ME is really exciting. So grateful I get this opportunity.



"for the love of collaborations" interview with Meredith Winn & Kristin Zecchinelli

More and more people are collaborating, at least that I'm noticing and I'm totally facinated by the collaborations of some of the people I know.  I wanted to know more about how these fellow artists were starting and creating these collaborations, so what better way than to just ask them. Here starts my "For the love of collaborations interview series"

My first interview is with Meredith Winn and Kristin Zecchinelli ~ they collaborate on an E-course called NOW YOU Workshops. I met both Meredith and Kristin last year at Camp Shuttersisters here in California.  Meredith is such an amazing self portrait photographer and I was excited to finally meet her in person.  But being a shy/introvert I was hesitant to just "go up" to her and tell her how awesome she was, but when sitting by her at one of the gatherings I came to find out that she too is an introvert and all this was overwhelming too!  I felt immediately connected! Kristin (Maine Momma) was someone I had followed via Flickr and her blog for quiet sometime.  Her presence was so warm and friendly and her smile and laughter were contagious!  We spent many a night walking down to the beach scheming about "ass capes" and "being awesome". (It was at Camp that I knew I had to make I am awesome. t-shirts:) My friend Kirsten and I and Meredith and Kristen really connected over that weekend.  When i found out that they were collaborating, I couldn't of been happier.  I just knew whatever they were creating would be fabulous and it is, it truly is!

now us iphone


How did you start collaborating?

Our shared view of photography, how we shoot, how we see forged a natural friendship which led to ideas  we wanted to build together as a creative vision for women photographers just like us.

What is it that you collaborate on?

We felt that there was a missing piece for women in the world of photography. In the winter of 2012, we founded NOW YOU Workshops to fill that need and give the control back to women with their cameras as they explore the process of self portraiture.

How long have you been working together?

We began working together with Shutter Sisters back in 2009. For three years we lived very far from each other (Texas and Maine!) after a cross-country move brought us closer in miles, we began gathering weekly to work on our vision for NOW YOU. We found that we worked best in person and could really harness our creative energy this way.

How do you navigate the miles between you?

We make a point to gather once a week at one of our homes (to play and create.) It's a release as well as work, and we feel that this is why our collaboration works so well for us. There is a time to gather ideas and a time to create.

Have you collaborated in the past with others? 

Neither of us had collaborated in a business venture before NOW YOU.

How/when did you know this partnership/collaboration was going to work?

It always felt "right" with us just as it did our friendship. We are like-minded and see each other as equals. There's not a sense of competition or a feeling of stress between us, which is key in growing a product or business. As soon as we began dreaming up NOW YOU, the positivity between us told us we were on the right path.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others that want to collaborate but haven’t found the right person?

You'll know when the time is right. We naturally draw people into our lives at certain times for certain reasons. You have to trust that the right time will come and believe that if you're putting your art out there with intention, the door will eventually open. (We believe in the power of the universe!) If you don't have a community around you in real life, seek out your tribe online. Family comes in all shapes and sizes!

 Do you see yourselves creating more or something different in the future?

Yes, we are growing our curriculum and courses and plan on expanding Now You as it stretches and blooms into what it wants to become. We are currently writing content for a new class (that will open for registration this fall) and we have a few new classes planned for 2013 too!


Meredith Winn is a freelance writer and photographer. She is from everywhere on any given day; but has found her way home to the western Maine foothills, where she lives off-grid in a yurt with her sweetheart and a trio of boys.

Meredith is drawn to focusing on the emotion and the moment of photography (not just the technical aspect of cameras) this makes her approachable as a teacher to all skill levels of photographers.

Meredith’s creative nonfiction has been published in various magazines including Midwifery Today, Motherverse, Hip Mama, and Literary Mama. Her photography has been on exhibit in TX, VT, and NYC. Her art has been published in a variety of magazines such as JPG Magazine, f-stop magazine, and Emprise Review. Meredith is a contributing editor to Shutter Sisters, a contributing writer and photographer to Taproot Magazine, an Everyday Storyteller at Paper Coterie, and a contributing photographer for Getty Images. You can read her ever elusive and sometimes sporadic blogging at the~spirit~of~the~river.


Kristin Zecchinelli is a photographer, blogger, artist, woman, and mother living on the southern coast of Maine with her small family. Kristin taps into the healing process of photography, exploring her definition of self through self portraiture. She focuses on the real, the now, the moment. Everyday beauty inspires her to pick up her camera.

Kristin’s artistic style  draws people to her photography. Her art has been on exhibit at the Fotofest Gallery in Houston, TX. Her images have appeared in the Beckoning of Lovely collection, the Shutter Sisters Picture Hope Project, and the Kirtsy Mom 2.0 video collaboration with well known novelist, Katherine Center. Kristin’s photography has won various awards and honors such as first place in the 2008 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Competition for Portland, Maine. Kristin is a contribututing artist for Getty Images, and is featured in the upcoming book, “Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids”.

Kristin believes in the magic and beauty of the everyday. She is contributing editor at Shutter Sisters and an Everyday Storyteller at Paper Coterie. You can find her blogging at MaineMomma.



if you are part of a collaboration or know of some people who are and think they might want to contribute to my interview series let me know.  I'm always looking!

5 Fact Friday - Reflections of you

Back with the 5 Fact Friday - Reflections of YOU!  I just love reading them...hope you do too...

Fact #1: I really truly love getting in the car and just driving....need to find a way to do that more!

Fact #2: I'm taking clients for Map Making ~ Yes, it's a new offering that I've been doing for awhile and now I'm finally announcing it to the world!  If you have questions, feel free to get in touch!  I'm truly loving it!!

Fact #3: Excited about the fall like weather we're having around the Bay Area!  I'm sure it will warm up before it gets cold again, but I do love myself some cool days.  Heading to the East Coast in a few weeks and I'm hoping to be snuggling up to the fire while I'm there.

Fact #4: I can only do what I can do.  Been feeling overwhelmed this week and a whole lot anxious. But I'm realizing that I am more than the work I need to do.  I need to take care of me and my family and that needs to come first.

Fact #5: Feeling blessed and grateful for who I have in my life.

Now go on and tell us your 5 facts and link over to ROY!

summer ending*

the days of summer break are on their last leg and as much as I'm happy for school to start for the girls - getting back to routines and seeing friends, it also makes me sad to think of all the things we didn't do.  There is still time, I know, our summer in the Bay Area really starts in September anyway, but there was so much I wanted to make time for and didn't.  Time slips away very quickly..

But we did go on that epic road trip so there was that... and now we're off on a quick 2 day camping trip yes, summer is almost over but the fun adventures never stop.  at least I hope not....

Our day in the city*



This past Saturday Kadison and I ventured into the city for a little Kadison/Mama one on one time.  We don't get enough of that.  I really have to make a point to create time for us to do this and to do things she wants to do; instead of shopping like stuff which she hates!  Ever since Kadison was born she's been her Daddy's girl and even though I think that relationship between her and her Dad is invaluable it's hard for me sometimes.  She loves the science/cars/ interests of her Dad and that's great.  Her and I share art ~ and that is awesome.  But to have a day all to ourselves where she doesn't have to fight with her younger sister for attention or anything is pretty darn nice.  I totally get it.  So to say we had a pretty awesome day is an understatement.

She wanted to take the Ferry to SF so we did that and she wanted to ride the BART so we did that.  But when you take all that public transportation you can't do everything you really want to do...not in one day that it is.  So we made the best of the time we had.

Strolled through the Farmers Market, BART'd to the Mission where we strolled down Clairion Alley where there are amazing Graffiti murals and Kadison was totally entranced by it all.  We shot some polaroids and took some instagrams.  Then we headed to GRUB for lunch/brunch where we mowed on yummy hot cakes.  She loves having pancakes for any meal :)  The place was very Mission like and great food.  Next door is Paxton Gate Curiosities ~ she loved all of it because she is such an animal/science lover.  We hung out there for about an hour before we headed down to the other Paxton Gate where we saw all the oddities and she couldn't get enough there either. It's so great to experience things through her.. and to really have the time to be with her in a space ... no rushing. I rush around a lot so it was most definitely nice not to do that.  Of course she reminded me that I said we could get ice cream so we walked over to BiRite Creamery where the line went around the block for the scooped kind, so we settled (NOT) for the soft serve and walked to Delores Park to pop a squat and enjoy the people watching. She loves doing that as much as I do.

After we were done with ice cream we walked back through Clarion Alley watching some guys paint, she was so facinated as well as I was!  So fun to walk people create.  But it was getting late so we jumped back on BART to downtown where we headed to Yerba Buena Carousel  and play park.  She was ready to run around and play!  We noticed they also had a skating rink but we didn't do that this visit, but she is reminded me already that she wants to go back!

Wow, now that I wrote it all down it seems like a lot and it was, but we had a great day.  Really happy knowing I'm going to make a point to get some alone time with her.  She talks more, I listen more and we sure laugh more.

'Roid Week:: Friday

love this guy....i've run into him before and I can't seem to get that i know where he lives :)  yes, it's a he!

the view of SF from Treasure Island


Last day of the big ROID week on Flickr but it's really lit a fire in me so I don't think it's going to be ending for me!  I seriously love it.  Taking the time to really find what I want to shoot, can't really waste the film.  I love being a part of different groups on Flickr too - seeing what everyone else is doing...a real community of like minded peeps.

But man, this week has seriously kicked my butt in so many ways!  Tons of time away, which always does a job on me. I'm really realizing that being at home really grounds me and I don't! like being overly busy.  I'm not one of those people who loves to say how busy she is.  I'm just the opposite - I'd rather say that I'm relaxing and getting my work done and having time to rest, have fun and really take care of myself.  To be really honest ever since leaving my 9-5 job it's been hard to find that balance of work, life and family and I've made a point to really be aware of this but I need to hustle in order to bring in money and that takes more time and usually more energy.  I don't regret leaving my 9-5 job because the rewards have been awesome, it comes down to money always.  Anyway, this week:  Working a freelance office gig, Teahouse events, Photography events, and Jenn Lee of Right Brain Business Plan announced that I am going to be working with her!  YES!  Super excited to announce it myself ~ I'll be supporting her in her business and totally learning from her as well.  She runs an amazing company! I totally love and respect her and I'm super excited to be working with her in this capacity.

I'm learning to really accept what I'm good at (project management/left brain type work) along with nourishing my photography and other right brain interests.  It comes easy to me so why fight it and really use it to my making money!  Being able to manage when and who I work with is key.

You might of seen that I have something on my website called "Map Maker" - I haven't really launched this new adventure since I want to make it prettier :) looking and I will but some other things have taken priority.

Anyway, I've been meeting with people to map out their lives and their projects.  Really putting together a road map so it's not so overwhelming and paralyzing.  It's thrilling and so awesome to work with my friends and to help them see that they can indeed get it all done or show them where they can't do it all and maybe they need to give some work away. I can see the bigger picture along with the details when it's hard for you to since you're IN it.  I've gotten some inquiries from others and I'm really excited to be working with new people.  Things are really happening, the Universe is answering and I couldn't be happier.

I also launched a Teahouse mentoring program where I've been skyping with people who want to learn more of how we created this beautiful space of ours.  It's been so great sharing our story and talking about what we've learned through the process.  If you're interested get in touch.

This week has kicked my butt, but I'm still feeling grateful for what is all unfolding.  Welcoming the weekend for sure.  Kadison and I are having a day just to ourselves where we will be venturing into  San Francisco!


Happy weekend!


Roid Week: Wednesday

Can I just say I'm loving all this Polaroid/Film week ~ I'm pulling old photos that I've taken, taking new and really loving getting used to my cameras.  The above photos were taken with my Polaroid Land Camera with Fuji B/W Film.  It's so fun and they turned out pretty nice too :)  These were taken in Cody, WY on our road trip in July.  This little motel we stayed at had an outdoor pool/campground along with the cabins and had these old buildings around the paremeter of the grounds.  When we pulled in, I knew instantly that I would be taking out my "instant" cameras!  Perfect for this kind of film and feeling.

The photo of the girls feels so timeless - like something I would of seen from my moms childhood, or mine...B/W film can do that.  mmmm so so so good.

Roid Week:: Tuesday

I am totally loving all the polaroids being shown on Flickr this week; I'm not a regular by any means but this is totally getting me on that path.  This pear tree is my next door neighbors but it's been hanging out in our yard lately.  Love the yellow-ness of this Impossible Project film.  Practicing "seeing" all the possibilities I can shoot with my Polaroid and the slowing down it takes to really get "that" shot.  I was pleased with this one..

Slowing down and seeing the world around me is good for my soul!

Reflection of YOU ~ 5 fact friday*

my girls being sisters at the beach...something this spring

I love playing this game with Xanthe and Kim over at ROY ~ play along if you can!

Fact #1: I'm sitting at Teahouse while the wild painter Jesse Reno teaches and it's one of the greatest things I've experienced in a very long time. I love meeting people who really impact you in ways you might not know right away how... he's just a really cool dude and has so many great antidotes and an awesome outlook on life.

Fact #2: I have some really new great ideas floating around in my head but unless I just DO them, they won't amount to much!

Fact #3: Talking to a friend via skype rocks my world.  Why don't I do it more?

Fact #4: I have been so addicted to Instagram and I still love it, but sometimes I just need to do my thing and not pay attention to everyone else so much.  I get so distracted by everyone and what they are doing, when all I need to is really focus on myself.

Fact #5: Collaboration and working with others really rocks, but you need to find the right people, otherwise working by yourself is just fine

You go!  what are five facts about YOU?!