Stef Scribbles began in the fall of 2014 at a time when I needed a creative outlet, something I could do from my desk, quickly, while working at my laptop. I started scribbling, doodling and then eventually dipped into watercolor. Most of my Scribbles started out as faces of women and my daughters began naming them and then when I started posting my Scribbles on Instagram, friends would comment and leave their own fictional backstories for some of the sketches. The series caught on quickly.

I then started writing little stories for each Scribble I posted and sometimes people would add to them. I got messages from people who let me know they looked forward to my Scribbles. The community excitement was contagious. I was doing a sketch a day, sometimes more and was filling my 365 calendar with my #stefscribbles. Over 800+ have been posted to my Instagram and counting. It's become a daily habit and this creative outlet inspires me every single day. You can see all of them on Instagram under the hash tag #stefscribbles . Stef Scribble & Stitches started in April 2018 during the #100dayproject and later became a show of all 100 pieces.