doing what we love*

You know that saying:  "do what you love and the money will follow!"...well it's true.  Really, it is.  I am testement that it actually works.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not swimming in money but I have survived this past year doing it.  and hey, it's not always easy and the hustling can be a bit tiring at times but if you're doing what you love it's all worth it. 

I got to spend a few hours photographing my dear friend Steph of Nerd Jerk today and not only is she hilarious, talented and beautiful she is awesome!  I mean it.  She is and we had a whole lot of fun even when she was said she was awkward and shy :)  Me too though.  I'm still getting a hang of this whole portrait thing and making people feel at ease and getting them to relax and enjoy the time we are together.  I often find myself talking too much and getting distracted ...because I love to hear about people's lives and how they got to where they are at.  But don't fret, I get back to the job at hand and that is to take beautiful photos that represent their true selves.  And I hope I accomplish that.

Not only did I get to do this today, but I spent the morning in the studio creating art and blogging at Teahouse and now I'm sitting in my all time favorite San Francisco Cafe eating a scrumptious salad and super yummy mango smoothie.  This is the life I dream about.    Are you gagging at all my adjectives and sappy life right now?!  I know... but it's not always like this so I'm enjoying it to the fullest while I can.

Tonight I get to hang out with a bunch of Captain America groupies and see the premier before the average public gets too!  ha, don't you just love that?!  Watch for the photos tomorrow.

so now that I've totally talked up my life for today, I'm going to enjoy the San Francisco sun for a bit.

peace out and happy hump-day.