*back up

Ok, so after yesterday's post I had a sudden panic that I was being "too" happy and that I shouldn't be.  I shouldn't of talked about how happy my life was in that moment.  Someone might feel bad about themselves or their life and I didn't want to do that to anyone. And who was I to be happy?

But then i got a really nice comment and i let my breath out and thought - ok.  it's really OK to be happy and to tell others about it. 

I think I've been on the edge and in a state of depression most of my life so being happy, like truly happy in moments makes me a bit uneasy.  Like I don't deserve it or I wonder if the bottom is going to drop out or I worry that people really don't want to hear about the happy times.  People are more interested and can relate to the bad times more and if you talk about your good life, well then you're bragging.  That's the midwestern in me I think. 

SO, yesterday was good and I was getting to do what I love and I appreciated that and I wanted to share it and I'm happy I did.

I hope you feel the same.