if only...


If I could make money taking photos of the little things I would be all about that!  The tiny elements that others don't think about, this and that and all the rest.  That's what I really LOVE.  Yes, sprinkle in the kids, the events, all the rest...but "the bits" is what makes me happy.

Have I mentioned that I'm working on new work and it's been so awesome!  I'm incorporating my photos into art and I'm L.O.V.I.N.G it like big time.  Who knows where it's going to lead really, but it makes me happy so I'll keep at it.  Photos to come, I promise.  I really need to learn how to scan and all that one of these days.

Coming up in the next few weeks after how many months of this new website being up:  Photos from my various portrait sessions with amazing women, my Creative Women series (bits from the awesome interviews) + photos and some new goodies for the etsy shop

But all that will happen after I get back from my 20 year class reunion in early August.  Yes, 20 years people...it's going to be fun and I'm sure interesting.  I'm laughing at myself that I'm giddy about a mini vacation back to my home town, but I haven't gotten on a plane nearly as much as I've wanted to and I get to see some of my family, some of my bestest friends and mingle with some peeps who've known me since I was a wee one.  Can't get much better than that...and did I mention I'm traveling alone?!!  Yes!  extra special treat for me.  The grandparents are coming into town so the kiddos will be happy happy while I'm away.  But that is all happening next week and we still need to get through this one.  So much happening on the Teahouse front that is super exciting so no rest for the weary....(did you see we have a blog over there?)  and all the awesome people/workshops we have coming up?  Are you coming?  If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to email us and ask away!!