underneath it all*


under all the piles of laundry, the compost, the dishes, the clothes that ARE clean but need to be put away, the everything...well under all that I'm here exploring new ways to be and trying to ditch some of the old, worn out, not great ways.  And I'm going to be mixing up *this* space a bit too.  This change that happened about 6 months ago was a transition and we're still there, but making it a bit more ...well ...me.  so expect to see the changes soon.  it's exciting and people are helping and that is always nice :)  i like noticing where i need the help and when to ask and that i have people TO ask is the bonus of all bonuses. 

school is back in, LIDL meetings are happening, days at the studio are more regular, gigs are happening.  a new year is in the works.  even when i wasn't going to school and didn't have children i always felt like September was a new time, a new start.  so i might even make some new resolutions or write down some new hopes and dreams just to make it even more of a good start.

you?  do you feel like this time of year is a new start, a transitioning from summer to fall.  my favorite time of year i'm discovering..the crispness in the air, the harvest moon rising.  i love it all.

hoping to make it back here more regularly now that i'm making some changes....until then.