the messiness of it all

I was clearly losing patience the other night when Kadison asked if I could try to have a little more patience with her. I let out a deep sigh and  I asked her what that looked like and how could I get there?  Then she gave me her very popular line of lately ~ "I'm only six dude, I don't know"  "Well, I'm not sure either, dude" Your 6 and I'm human, obviously one that needs to acquire more patience but none the less human.  And yes, I know your only 6.

Parenting is very messy and I couldn't of said it better than Andrea has today.  It's true, we're all just doing our best and sometimes that isn't very good at all.  I had thought I had done some real "work" on myself before having kids but since having them I realize nothing could of prepared me for what was going to come up and how life was going to be and how I would react to it.  Now, they are here and not going anywhere so I must go through it, work on it and deal with my less than stellar ways of being in the moment and hope that we all get to the other side in tact and whole.