today marks the day


yes, I think today really marks the day to starting new practices.  i know it's the 6th but i'm finally feeling like i'm ready to start.  2012 ...i'm here now.  i'm going to the studio today to check some things off my list that have been on there for a few months and I'm really ready to just get them done so I can stop thinking about them, stop putting energy into having them on my list, to thinking about them all the time and not doing them.  i'm also going on a walk ~ my double dog dare!  and i'm going to feel awesome doing it.

i'm going to get ready for an interview i'm a part of tomorrow which is going to be awesome!

i'm going to go out and take some photos with my new iphone :)  still pinching myself about this one.

and then i'm going to have fun friday night with my kiddos while we watch kung fu panda 2. 

it's all good people ~ it's all good...