Love has been on the mind.  There was a moment when that was going to be the word for 2012, but then it wasn't.  I had a photoshoot with a dear friend yesterday and her word is love; she's opening herself wide open to it this year.  she's spoke about having total clarity and it was so refreshing and joyful to be around her and to listen to her speak of what she wants. (I think I may of asked her to talk too much!:)  

it made me think ...about so many things in my life.  how i could use more love. 

then i went to my word "connect" again and knew that connection is what i really want.  connection between myself and others.  and with that comes love.....

i've been seeing hearts.  i've been seeing red.  i've been watching movie's that spew love.  it's around.  and it's good. but it also has me thinking...

just has me thinking... what i'm lacking and i what i want and how i want to go about getting it.  just some thoughts my friends...just some thoughts on this monday night.

ps. saw my week with marilyn ~ whoa if I didn't love michelle williams before I think I am over the moon in love with her now.  wow!  In highschool I was SO into Marilyn Monroe really into her.  this was a great movie and Michelle Williams totally rocked it....and of course she was beautiful too.