Double Dog Dare::

Didn't you just love it when you were younger and someone said "I double DOG dare YOU?!"  Well I sure did, usually.  So today while I scrolled through my favorite sites I went to the Squam blog and Michelle, Elizabeth and Jen asked if we wanted to be "double dog dared?" and I said "hell yes!"  I need a good kick in the butt about moving my body and connecting with myself (remember, my last post was all about just that!" so I stated that I would walk for at least 30 minutes every day.  I would get my butt off the computer and go for a darn walk!  it's not that hard, I know...but I need to really DO IT.  So this month I'm daring myself to do this every day!

If you need a kick in the butt and some peeps to cheer you on from the sideline than check out the Double Dog Dare page!

**really enjoying my new Iphone ...and Instagram!  if you're on it, find me "stefanierenee"...I'm addicted!