the first of many

so marks the first of march, the first day of the month that i'm going to try to show up here as often as i can to speak the truth that is exploding inside of me.

it might only be photographs, it might only be bits, but I'm making a promise to myself to show up and this space has been a constant to me for the last 7 + years, so why not start here.

I took this shot way back in 2004; it's NY at around 4am I believe and wow, did we have a great night with my friend Cynthia!  Those days seem like a lifetime ago...they kinda are.  I have 2 new lives with me now, so it was 2 lifetimes ago I guess....  I've always loved this shot; 1. because I'm in NYC and I absolutely love it there. 2. because I love the subway and all it's weird bits. 3. knowing I'm with 2 of my favorite people and knowing that we had the time of our lives that and are making our way back to wherever Cynthia lived at the time and 4. because I've always been a photographer and just because I put a lot more weight into it now doesn't mean I wasn't one then.