the start

So today I had my first intensive 90 minute coaching session with an awesome coach and happens to be my good friend, studio mate and teahouse partner Tiffany Moore!  It really rocked.  I felt good afterwards, like we covered a lot of ground but the more I went through my day the better it got; percolating on all that we discussed, all that she said, all that I said and being a bit more clearer than I was when I went in...well that's progress baby.  Now it's 8 hours later and I'm feeling awesome! 

rock art by the mermaid mccabe!

Also because I went to my first NIA class tonight and it really really really was what I needed.  I've had it on my "list" for months, years in fact and I've been meaning to do more in terms of self care's been on my "list" but tonight I actually went!!!  I almost backed out at the last minute but didn't...I went and it rocked!  It so rocked!  Now the test for me is will i go back?!?!  I sure hope so.  I hope I can remember what I feel like right now because man, if I can just move my body every day and get out of my will be so much easier.