getting an idea off the ground and out of your head


so have you been thinking of this "great" idea for a long time and you just want to DO it already? is there a project you've been sitting on and you know what you have to do but the first step is always the hardest? did you just get that book deal you've been asking for and now you're thinking "now what?"

well ..i totally get it. i've been there and still am in some ways.  we all have ideas and the difference between some people is that there are people who have the idea and just keep going with it and there are others who have the idea, mull it over, think about it some more and then maybe just maybe get to it and then the others have the ideas and never do them.

i've had some ideas - some i acted on and some i didn't.  like the I am awesome. t-shirts. those were an idea and i pretty much ran with it, not sure how that one got done so much quicker than others but it did and i'm so happy that i made them and that people are emailing me telling me that they really do feel that they ARE indeed awesome!  YES!  i had the idea to quick my job after 10 years and pursue a more creative life, well that took about 3 years to actually do but i did it. whether or not i was fully prepared or not, i did it.  i had the idea to create a space where we could bring in teachers and lead amazing workshops and well - we did that.  again, with a lot of questions and not a whole lot of knowledge we did it.  so, see .. we can make these things happen.

Look at my friend Maya - she had an idea and man, did she ever make it happen. in fact, she's going to be making it happen very very soon!  so many people got behind her and helped her make it happen. it takes more than just one. 

we need to ask for help, yes, that word - help. they were right (whoever "they" were) but it does take a village and the days of me sitting in my own little corner trying to figure out how to get it all done is over. i'm asking for help and i'm getting it. people are more than willing and excited to help put my dream out into the world. it's so much more fun when we engage our friends in on the secrets of our hearts. isn't it?  i heard that from Jen Lee - and we all know she's been getting her ideas out there.

So I'm embarking on a few new ideas, new ways to bring myself out into the world. I hope you will join me on the journey ~ I'm hoping to document my way through all the ups and downs so you too can see how it's done and please, if you have ideas, advice, words of wisdom please do share - I'm open.