the importance of awesome women*

so I used to meet with some pretty amazing women on Monday mornings - we were from all sorts ~ painters, illustrators, writers, crafters, photographers... we would meet on monday mornings to regroup on what each of us were doing and to be held accountable for projects we wanted to happen.  I participated for over a year and it was the best thing ever. 

now i meet with a group of "awesome" women once a month over wine, cheese, chocolate and sometimes healthy food!  we're a coach, crafters, jewelry maker, artist, photographer, entrepreuners.  I have to say we totally rock. 

There is something to be said about support, acknowledgment, accountability and just plain love between women.  We can move mountains and we have.  We can be there with champagne when one of us gets engaged, we can be there with kleenex when one of us is having a very hard time, we can be there with pom poms when one of us is really kicking ass and we can be there for so much more.

It's been such a gift and a life saver to have these women in my life and I have to say not much would get done without them.  Yesterday I spent the day making lists, brainstorming, researching and checking things off because of this meeting - because I knew I wanted to show up with something to offer. for myself and for them.  we all help one another. we all matter. we all count.

community,'s what it's all about.