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this could be about so many things, like managing big disappointment and how that feels and looks like and asking how you do it or how i am venturing into something new once again and trying to decide on names, looks and and and or how i love sitting around a living room with other women and sharing our stories, learning new ways, creating new stories and could i make a living doing that?  and how? or how i'm excited about a new photography adventure this weekend or how i'm so utterly overwhelmed in a part of my life that i've been ignoring it, sweeping it under the rug and of course it keeps creeping back out..and what to do with all that.

so yes, there is a lot on my mind and i coud venture down any of these roads but it's hard to choose just one and not go down a rabbit hole with all of them

so i think i'll just stop but wanted to come here anyway, to be, just me my little home away from home