21 Things You Don't Know About Me. (updated...25 things...)


25 Things You Don't Know About Me.

1. I want to be a great mother but feel so much shame around how I really am.

2. I avoid looking at my bare thighs in the mirror.

3. I have a problem with shopping.

4. I spend too much money, that I really don't have.

5. We owe so much money in taxes it's scary.

6. All I really want to do is sit around a table and talk about real topics and stories with other women.

7. I feel like the universe has big plans for me but it scares the hell out of me to find out what those are.

8. I often make myself small and unseen.

9. I would much rather be a photographer at a party working the room and you not know I'm there, than front and center.

10. Teahouse is wonderful but a hell of a lot of work and I'm not really sure what will happen.

11. I look at flights to anywhere every single day.

12. If I could get on a plane right now I would.

13. My kids had McDonalds 2 times last week. No, really 3 actually.

14. I am addicted to Friday Night Lights.

15. I'm not sure what the future holds for my marriage.

16. That scares the hell out of me.

17. I can write a story better than I can tell it by talking.

18. If we sat down together I would come off rather shy, but put a little time into me and I will tell you anything.

19. I am transcribing interviews for someone else who wants to write a book.

20. If I could make money by traveling, talking with other women, documenting their stories and telling you about it, I would in a second. 

21. Figuring out how to leverage this and make it happen.

22. I'm scared as shit to tell my truth ...sometimes...

23. Taking self portraits heals me in more ways than I ever could of imagined.

24. I secretly pray that my daughters won't get my big nose.

25. I'm working on tapping into my intuition, because I feel that is where my true self really lives.

Thank you to the brave and beautiful Tiffany Moore, she inspired this post today.