5 Fact Friday - Reflections of YOU*


I love that Kim and Xanthe are continuing with this - I love a routine :)  and this one is so fun!

 watching for old faithful - yellowstone national park, wy

Fact #1: I've been here a few times this week but this is the first time I'm hitting the word publish.  Funny how sometimes the words are swirling around my head but don't seem to come out through the fingers.

Fact#2: I leave for Squam Art Workshops on Tuesday and it can't come soon enough!  I really am ready to get away from it all.  I'll be taking a photography/cupcake class and a sewing class - so psyched! AND planning on taking loads of photos!

old faithful ~ yellowstone national park, wy

Fact #3: Really knowing I have to move my body more, walk, yoga, bike anything! But it's been hard to actually do it!  I want to, but what's going to give?!

Fact #4: finding my photos from our road trip this summer is like re-living it all over again...ahhhh

shoshone falls, idaho

Fact #5: Talking with friends over tea, over skype, over wine is one of the best therapies ever!

Happy Friday everyone!!