back to reality::


Back from Squam and still trying to get back into the groove and figuring out how to find my way without so many wonderful souls surrounding me.  It's so great to get away, like really get away from it all, see old friends, finally meet friends you've only known online and to meet new ones.  It's so much about connection for me.  Yes, my classes were amazing and I learned so much.  God, Maya D's story scarves class was so healing but also so freeing....I can sew if I want to.  I don't have to make it so hard. I finished my story scarf and I love it.  Like really love it.  I'm also very proud of myself.  I also had such a beautiful experience with Thea in one of her Spirit Sessions.  Getting my photo taken by her was such a gift and I have to say the photos are beautiful!  If you have a chance to be with her, do it!  You will be so happy you did. (I'll post a few of the photo she took in the next week)

While I was there I also crossed a few things off my list!  Super excited about that.  Yes, skinny dipping and drinking Whiskey.  Both in the same night!  It was so great. The weather was mellow and not at all cold like the last time I was there so skinny dipping wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  We had about 10 of us jump in under the star filled sky, it was truly awesome.  Jen and I stayed for a shooting star and we indeed saw one. WOW - I wish I could share that sky with you because there is really nothing like it.

So yes, back to reality....children, work, relationships, money ...all of it.  If you haven't noticed from past posts...I like to live in the fantasy world...but I am getting better.  I'm aware I do it so that's a step and I acknowledge that I really can't avoid it's all there all the time and avoiding it or ignoring what is true just doesn't work. ever.  But damn, everything is so emotional and draining.

I came back with some clarity around a few decisions that have been weighing on my mind though.  The other thing about going away besides just getting away from your day to day world is that you gain a perspective, you aren't IN it so you get to actually think about things.

I have a few fun announcements:

I'm over at Chickadee Road talking about motherhood and life once a month, really excited about that!  Be sure to check it out:) I just adore Liz and Kelly and so inspired by their collaboration! (psst...they might be my next collaboration interview next week!)

Teahouse is featured in the latest Mingle Magazine ~ Tiffany wrote the story and all the photos are MINE!  So delighted to be in one of their fabulous magazines.  A dream come true.  Photos of the layout coming soon!