5 Fact Friday - Reflections of YOU*

I so love Friday's :)  Join me and others over at Reflection of YOU ~ it's a great way to gather and be part of a growing community!

I had a great conversation with a friend today and it's really sticking with me.  Friends and different perspectives and AHA moments are so so so good.

#1:  I love routine, I really really do.  I sometimes get stuck in ruts because of them, but overall my routines ground me.  I never really thought about them too much but over the past year I'm realizing that they calm me and leave me less anxious in the end.  But I do love to shake it up too...:)

#2: Fall is approaching and I'm loving my cowboy boots and my knit hats.  I wear hats when I'm in dire need for a hair cut or color but I'm realizing I do really love throwing a hat on in the morning when it's getting chilly out there too.

#3: Sometimes it's hard for me to say I'm sorry to a loved one.  You'd think it would be easier but no, it's not.  I'm seeing that with parenting we are teaching what we most need to learn....sigh.  Yes, the lessons we keep having to learn over and over again in life.

#4: September is like beginning a new year, it's most likely because of the school calendar and I've never grown out of it and now with having children it's even more that way.  But it's chance to regroup, recharge and put forth new efforts. I love it.

#5: I leave for Squam in less than 2 weeks and I'm super excited ~ just the thought of getting on a plane to anywhere gets me going, but to leave by myself and getting to see new and old friends, to take workshops, to not be a host, to not be a parent, to just be ME is really exciting. So grateful I get this opportunity.