so my girl has lost her first 2 teeth this weekend and this is cause for celebration in this household.  First being that she didn't freak out by either one and that they both came out with little effort and drama.  Second being that wow, she's really growing up and things are happening!  I know she's getting older every day and that every day could hold some kind of milestone but these little celebrations make it all so much bigger.  I often get wrapped up in daily life and let life pass me by; not something I'm really proud of but can't seem to help it.  But when these moments happen when I hear "mama, mama!!!??"  "My tooth just came out!!"  well, it's cause for celebration and we pause a moment and realize that wow, I indeed have a 6 year old daughter who is growing up right before my eyes! 

may we all pause for simplier moments and realize all that we have and that time is precious and creating space for the smaller things is important too.