Photo-shoot with Steph*

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about doing what you love and that came after my day with Steph.  Here are some of the photos from that day and you can read more about our day from her here.  I can't say enough about how much the afternoon spent with Steph was a delight ~ she cracks me up and her work is AWESOME and totally RAD!  I often go to these shoots with some ideas of what we'll do but it's always an adventure and I'm not totally sure what to expect which is the great part.  But I do know that once I go into someone's home I want to come away with totally awesome photos of that person and the "little" bits that talk to them around their house.  I like to capture the life behind the person.  I hope some of these convey who Steph is and what she works her ass off doing ~ creating a booming business around nerds!