August Break?!

Not sure if I'll go the whole month with no words but I love the idea of photos and not having to come up with anything else and Susannah gives us the perfect out for this ~ August Break.  Are you in? 

I do feel like I have a million posts all wrapped up in my mind just waiting to come out if I'd give them enough time and space but right now I sit in my sisters house in Wisconsin waiting for tonight's festivities. 

Yes, I'm back in my old stomping grounds where I will be attending my 20 year class reunion.  Weird for my parents to not be here any longer...they moved a few years back so I'm here at my older sisters house listening to my nephews downstairs bang cupboards and watch cartoons. 

I will be meeting up with some very old friends tonight and we will get our groove on for the next couple of days.  It will be interesting and no doubt fun.  I've been back here over the years but for some reason this visit seems different, feeling more nostalgic I guess.  So much as changed and so have I.....the passing of time is a mysterious thing for me lately.  Seeing and feeling it more and more.  Time to slow down, sit down, be quiet and take it all in...... so much for no words  :)  Happy Friday!