the gifts they give*

yesterday was such a beautiful summer day AND night; something we usually don't get around here.  I was sitting out reading some magazines when Penelope came down with my Fuji Instax wanting to take pictures.  I loaded it up with film and let them go at it. I just loved watching them "try to find the perfect shot" and wander around looking at everything with such different eyes.  They even did little photoshoots with one another where Kadison would get Penelope to sit in the tree and rearrange her to be "just right".  It was such a gift to watch them and see what they saw through the lens and what came out afterwards.  They are pretty special and even though I "know" that, it's nice to be reminded in these unique ways.

so many gifts enter into view each day; it's up to us to recognize them and let them sink in.