this is a polaroid taken on Saturday during the Teahouse workshop with Andrea AKA Hula70.  I was totally looking forward to this day to really get my accumulated polaroids out once again and have Andrea show us how to use them and figure out the tricks.  Once the day approached plans changed and I was going to have my children for the day...but me not taking no very lighly just made adjustments and found care for them 1/2 the day and the other 1/2, well they would spend it with all of us at Teahouse.  Hell, they had my Fuji instax and cold hold their own :)

it's all about experimenting with life and with cameras isn't it?  finding out what works and what doesn't and making it up as we go along.  figuring out that "faking it until we make it" falls on me more than times than I will admit ...but again, it's working. 

I feel like i'm making it all up as i go along..there was no manual on children; believe me i looked and i read many of books but none really told me how to be parent and the same goes for life in general.  figuring it all out and hoping something sticks and feels good and that all this work and experimenting along the way pays off.

so after a 1/2 day of fooling around with my 3 polaroids i have found a bit of stride.  My land camera is still my favorite but the sx-70 and sx-80 are close behind and the Impossible Project film is awesome too.  can't wait to get out more this week and experiment...like Andrea mentions in her class..."instant photography just forces you to slow down, really take in the environment and decide on what you're going to shoot" ..since the film is expensive, you're not just shooting away, hoping one of them works (like what I do with digital:)  and didn't i mention here some time ago...that i was determined to slow down?!

more of my shots from Saturday