I've always had a love for musicians; yes the music but more so the musicians!  Listening and singing to Alabama in the backseat of the car growing up,  standing in line for tickets to concerts so to insure front row was a necessity. 

I love the energy that they give and the performances ~ I'm a big fan of all music especially live.  Nothing like it.  I was always drawn to the boys who played or sang ~ it was my thing :)

So marrying a musician wasn't that big of a surprise to me ... I could go on and on about that one, but that's for another post.  Or loving the fact that I get the opportunity to photograph them.

I dreamt and still dream of being the musician, being the Rock Star on stage but that will need to be another lifetime for me.  But seeing Tim and Kadison play together is enough for me in this lifetime~ it makes my heart full and to see Penelope dance around in her many tutu's is also a dream come true.  They all are true gifts to me and I am forever grateful for that.