the day started out just fine ~ a regular day where I'm home with the kiddos and Tim is off working.  Get Kadison off to school, get back with enough time to eat breakfast and get Penelope off to dance class...but of course I don't just stop there, I have to squeeze in time for "my" stuff and all the other stuff on the list. 

Why can't I just let it all go when I'm the solo parent for the day? Why? Why?  Why?  do I have to try to do it all?  I wonder sometimes what I'm really trying to prove or accomplish? 

But there I go, trying to get in lunch, a Target run and a trip over to the studio for what?  Oh, just some creative output ...try to get in some time for cutting out magazine words and photos to create my Business Mood Board ~ oh yes, Tiff and I are commited to doing the Right Brain Business Plan by Jenn Lee.  To add to my list :) 

I get Penelope set up for painting and then I proceed to parouse the stack of O Magazines!  for only about an hour or so before we have to leave and pick up Kadison!  Of course running behind...I remember I have to stop off to get the Birthday cards I said I would fill out for the school Principle.  Why oh Why do I do this to myself and Penelope?  Dragging her all over ...needless to say she's a bit tired and cranky! 

But after we pick up Kadison and get home, sit down for a snack and 1 cartoon, we all seem to calm down and relax a bit....

The girls go out to play, I look around the house that looks like a tornado went through since I haven't been home lately to really pay attention, but I ignore it and get on the computer where I all of sudden come up with a grand idea for a future project!  WTH?!?!  It's good though, and I really want to make it a go, so I'm brainstorming and making notes and doing research!  Just another thing to add to the list but hey, it's good and it's been a life long dream so why the hell not huh?

more to come...more to come! 

that was a bit of run on sentence from the word go wasn't it?

happy friday anyway!