little changes*


so you might of noticed that there has been a small change to the header and logo?  and if you didn't - well look - it's been changed!  The amazing and talented Jo at The Darling Tree designed my new logo and I love love love it!  She was a treat to work with and I hope down the road she will redesign my website. 

It feels like a time of change and transition, but then I think, when doesn't it?  I'm trying to take some baby steps in stepping up my photography presence.  Tiff is helping me make some other layout changes so you'll be seeing some other changes in the coming weeks. 

Last week was a busy work week and this week I'm in the studio creating a mood board for my business and life ~ it's been fun to paruse the O magazines and find old articles that I need RIGHT now along with cutting and collaging words and photos that speak to me and the future of where I want to go.  I have some other new ideas percolating ~ think MAGAZINE!  yes, I totally want to create a magazine!!  very excited to try to do this new project and I'm feeling all energized over it.  So yes, the studio table is a bit in disaray but it feels so good. 

Also getting ready to take a drive to Pacific Grove where I'll attending the first Shuttersisters Camp!  I couldn't be more excited and nervous ~ so many talented women in one place who ALL speak my language!  Kirsten and Meghan are flying in and we'll be driving down together.  Nothing beats a road trip either :)

Looking forward to sharing photos and gathering some much needed inspiration and R&R with friends.