I am fresh back from Shuttersisters CAMP and if you've ever been away with a group of women/people you know how much you come back with.  The connections you come away with, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the tricks/tips you learned, the people you met...all of it. But it's so hard to explain all of it, explain it to others and to yourself.  The best I can do is say that I'm FULL.  Full of love and so much gratitude.  It's a bit overwhelming actually. 

I'm trying to keep it slow, gradually seep back into the everyday life but it's never the same, how can it be?  I'm changed and it's awesome, but there is a bit of sadness to it too.  those amazing women are gone and even though I carry them with me always and I can still hear the laughter, it's not the same, of course.  But I am not going to wallow in the sadness, I'm going to go forth with Joy and Gratitude for all that I gained and hopefully all that I gave to others.

We are all AWESOME and we need to acknowledge that daily.  I know I plan to keep it all going as much as I can.

 **more photos from the weekend can be found here