if you were here* a poem

if you were here right now I would have you come snuggle up with me under my heavy warm blanket
so we could keep warm
i would try to muster up the courage to tell you how I am really feeling
because you know how much courage it actually takes to talk
not to you, but to everyone
you would wait, because you are patient and kind
you know the deep work that i've been doing and that what i have within
is worthy of being heard
you would hold my hand and tell me it's ok and that you'll wait
for me
and with those words I will open my mouth to all that is within
and tell you what needs to come out
i will tell you about where i've been, where i've come from and where i am right now
it will be one of the hardest things i have ever done but i will do it ...because

i am worthy of being seen and worthy of being heard and worthy of being loved
you will listen with your heart
and i will be forever grateful you are my friend.

we are all worthy of being loved and of being heard
we all deserve the friendship of another who knows this
who can listen with their heart more than their ears
who can take what you say and hold it like the most precious being
that is what you are
a precious being