on a roll

I have to say I'm a bit on a roll with some new ideas and projects and it feels so good and yes, a bit overwhelming with everything else I have going on in my life (children, teahouse, freelance work etc) the list could go and on but I keep coming up with more!  why???  I can't really help it.  It's in my blood and I am not one of those people who are content with my own little world; unfortunately sometimes.  But I feel like I'm reaching and pulling myself out of something of a deep dark hole that I sometimes get buried in. 

But these ideas have been coming up and some of them are good! and fun and I can't pass them up, I have to give back and I have to make them happen.  So you will see/hear about them very soon and they will be just in time for the holidays :)  hint, hint!

On another note, I have to thank everyone for the kind words left after my last post.  It can be pretty scary to put writings out like that into the world, it's vulnerable and God knows I'm not good at being vulnerable.  But I am so grateful for the friends I have across the miles who catch those words and keep them safe.  I appreciate it beyond belief.  Now if we could all live next door to one another ....ahhh, sigh....

much love to you all xo