releasing 2011


(written last week on the winter solstice)

Pixie blogged about this a few weeks ago and then came out with this wonderful video and I knew I had to be a part of this, this releasing of old habits, old thoughts, feelings, ways, everything.  To start this new year with a clean slate felt so good to me.

So last week, my friend Liz and I wrote on our slips of paper and we burned them, right here and it felt good.  I admit there was expectation but I released them, I admit there was anxiety but I released that too.  I let it all go and just was.  Right here.  And it felt good.  It felt good to let the old go and accept and relish in the new.  Not to say that 2011 was bad, not at all, but there were definite points that I was happy to get rid of.  Get off my plate, stop thinking about, stop giving energy to.  Afterwards, Liz and I went to have soup, something nourishing.  It felt good.

Now as I sit here I smell the remnants of our release and I have a tinge of a headache looming.  But I have to say I still feel good.  I feel like I really did release the shadowy energy that depleted me on a daily basis. 

I felt the energy of other women all over the world doing their own rituals, their own releases, their own fires and it felt good to be a part of them.  To be a part of a tribe of women with good intentions.  2012 feels like it's going to be big, bigger than I can imagine and I'm ok with that.  I'm here with open arms to welcome all that will be.

I haven't chosen a word, or any real intentions for the New Year yet, still relishing in the holiday madness and gearing up for the next few days with family.  Next week will be the beginning of looking ahead to what is to come and what I really want to come.  I'm on the fence with so many things I'm realizing and I feel like getting clear will help so much. 

So I hope that you can release the shadows of what was and welcome tomorrow, in whatever way you want.

so much love and goodness to all of you who stop by here...with so much gratitude!