Turning 39*

So yes, today is my Birthday and I'm venturing out on an EPIC Road Trip with my family ~ heading back to the midwest to visit friends and family.  I LOVE road trips ~ and I'm hoping my children love them as much as I do ...or at least don't start asking "are we there yet?" by hour 2! 

Today marks my 39th year here so it's pretty special ~ the last year of my 30's!  I still remember how awesome my 30th Birthday was, surrounded by beautiful friends in a place that was so special to me. Some days I still lean back into that year where I turned 30 and really felt on top of the world.  I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about the BIG 40, so I'm making a list of 39 things I'd like to cross off the list before next year's big day. (and I really love lists)

I'll try to come back to it every now and then to give you an update....here we go!

  1. Tackle my financial situation like an adult ~ get help
  2. Drive a VW bus
  3. Rollerskate
  4. Learn how to swim (ya, no I don't know how to swim.)
  5. Create a new photography book and feel proud of it
  6. Take 100 polaroids
  7. Take dance classes
  8. Go on an EPIC Road Trip (leaving on my 39th birthday for 3 weeks!)
  9. Start a business I'm 100% behind and make money doing what I love ~ whatever that is
  10. Go to the top of Coit Tower
  11. Take photos of all the hidden stairs in San Francisco
  12. Go to Angel Island
  13. Photowalk through Chinatown
  14. Go to Canada
  15. Collaborate on a project with someone
  16. Teach something
  17. Learn to sew and actually finish something, preferably a dress
  18. Try to knit
  19. Cry in front of someone
  20. Run in a race
  21. Go to New York and stay at the Ace Hotel
  22. Come up with 5 new meals my family will eat
  23. Attend a silent retreat
  24. Commit to a cleanse
  25. Try whiskey
  26. Skinny dip (hopefully after I learn how to swim)
  27. Learn Photoshop really well
  28. Go to a psychic/get cards read
  29. Ride in a hot air balloon
  30. Tell a story in front of others
  31. Find an amazing therapist and finally deal with my shit
  32. Sing on stage
  33. Take a drawing class, get better at drawing faces...find my niche
  34. Learn how to communicate effectively
  35. Inch myself into public speaking
  36. Learn spanish
  37. Create a spiritual practice
  38. Create a physical/exercise practice that works for me
  39. Laugh A LOT with my children!

This is my list....I'm going to print it out and remind myself of it often.  Some of these have been on my 'list' for a LONG time and it's about time I tackled them.  Happy Day to me :)