this and that*

fuji instax photos that I finally got around to scanning today..

I've been back from vacation a couple of weeks now and I still feel like I'm in re-entry mode.  When will that stop you think?  Maybe because I'm hustling to round up work and money and wishing I was back on vacation.  That could be it.  I'm realizing more and more what I tell my kids I need to learn myself - AHA! moment.  yes.  Duh?!  I should have mastered these skills already but alas I have not.    Practice what we preach as the saying goes I guess.

I have some ideas in the hopper and really wanting to flush them all out in one full swing and get them out into the world, but I must be patient.  I can't just expect things to happen because I have an idea....but it wouldn't be nice if it could.  Here I go again...trying to live in the fantasy world. 

I had a great afternoon of being at the studio getting ready for our Jesse Reno workshop - wow, is he a nice guy or what?  So totally cool and just a nice dude.  Loved finally meeting him and really excited for all the students taking his workshop this weekend at Teahouse.  He's been supporting himself on his artwork for 9 years now, which I think is totally awesome.  That my friend is an inspiration.

the kids are finally coming in from outside...bath time...wishing you a great weekend!