Reflection of YOU ~ 5 fact friday*

my girls being sisters at the beach...something this spring

I love playing this game with Xanthe and Kim over at ROY ~ play along if you can!

Fact #1: I'm sitting at Teahouse while the wild painter Jesse Reno teaches and it's one of the greatest things I've experienced in a very long time. I love meeting people who really impact you in ways you might not know right away how... he's just a really cool dude and has so many great antidotes and an awesome outlook on life.

Fact #2: I have some really new great ideas floating around in my head but unless I just DO them, they won't amount to much!

Fact #3: Talking to a friend via skype rocks my world.  Why don't I do it more?

Fact #4: I have been so addicted to Instagram and I still love it, but sometimes I just need to do my thing and not pay attention to everyone else so much.  I get so distracted by everyone and what they are doing, when all I need to is really focus on myself.

Fact #5: Collaboration and working with others really rocks, but you need to find the right people, otherwise working by yourself is just fine

You go!  what are five facts about YOU?!