'Roid Week:: Friday

love this guy....i've run into him before and I can't seem to get enough...now that i know where he lives :)  yes, it's a he!

the view of SF from Treasure Island


Last day of the big ROID week on Flickr but it's really lit a fire in me so I don't think it's going to be ending for me!  I seriously love it.  Taking the time to really find what I want to shoot, can't really waste the film.  I love being a part of different groups on Flickr too - seeing what everyone else is doing...a real community of like minded peeps.

But man, this week has seriously kicked my butt in so many ways!  Tons of time away, which always does a job on me. I'm really realizing that being at home really grounds me and I don't! like being overly busy.  I'm not one of those people who loves to say how busy she is.  I'm just the opposite - I'd rather say that I'm relaxing and getting my work done and having time to rest, have fun and really take care of myself.  To be really honest ever since leaving my 9-5 job it's been hard to find that balance of work, life and family and I've made a point to really be aware of this but I need to hustle in order to bring in money and that takes more time and usually more energy.  I don't regret leaving my 9-5 job because the rewards have been awesome, it comes down to money ...as always.  Anyway, this week:  Working a freelance office gig, Teahouse events, Photography events, and Jenn Lee of Right Brain Business Plan announced that I am going to be working with her!  YES!  Super excited to announce it myself ~ I'll be supporting her in her business and totally learning from her as well.  She runs an amazing company! I totally love and respect her and I'm super excited to be working with her in this capacity.

I'm learning to really accept what I'm good at (project management/left brain type work) along with nourishing my photography and other right brain interests.  It comes easy to me so why fight it and really use it to my benefit...like making money!  Being able to manage when and who I work with is key.

You might of seen that I have something on my website called "Map Maker" - I haven't really launched this new adventure since I want to make it prettier :) looking and I will but some other things have taken priority.

Anyway, I've been meeting with people to map out their lives and their projects.  Really putting together a road map so it's not so overwhelming and paralyzing.  It's thrilling and so awesome to work with my friends and to help them see that they can indeed get it all done or show them where they can't do it all and maybe they need to give some work away. I can see the bigger picture along with the details when it's hard for you to since you're IN it.  I've gotten some inquiries from others and I'm really excited to be working with new people.  Things are really happening, the Universe is answering and I couldn't be happier.

I also launched a Teahouse mentoring program where I've been skyping with people who want to learn more of how we created this beautiful space of ours.  It's been so great sharing our story and talking about what we've learned through the process.  If you're interested get in touch.

This week has kicked my butt, but I'm still feeling grateful for what is all unfolding.  Welcoming the weekend for sure.  Kadison and I are having a day just to ourselves where we will be venturing into  San Francisco!


Happy weekend!