Our day in the city*



This past Saturday Kadison and I ventured into the city for a little Kadison/Mama one on one time.  We don't get enough of that.  I really have to make a point to create time for us to do this and to do things she wants to do; instead of shopping like stuff which she hates!  Ever since Kadison was born she's been her Daddy's girl and even though I think that relationship between her and her Dad is invaluable it's hard for me sometimes.  She loves the science/cars/ interests of her Dad and that's great.  Her and I share art ~ and that is awesome.  But to have a day all to ourselves where she doesn't have to fight with her younger sister for attention or anything is pretty darn nice.  I totally get it.  So to say we had a pretty awesome day is an understatement.

She wanted to take the Ferry to SF so we did that and she wanted to ride the BART so we did that.  But when you take all that public transportation you can't do everything you really want to do...not in one day that it is.  So we made the best of the time we had.

Strolled through the Farmers Market, BART'd to the Mission where we strolled down Clairion Alley where there are amazing Graffiti murals and Kadison was totally entranced by it all.  We shot some polaroids and took some instagrams.  Then we headed to GRUB for lunch/brunch where we mowed on yummy hot cakes.  She loves having pancakes for any meal :)  The place was very Mission like and great food.  Next door is Paxton Gate Curiosities ~ she loved all of it because she is such an animal/science lover.  We hung out there for about an hour before we headed down to the other Paxton Gate where we saw all the oddities and she couldn't get enough there either. It's so great to experience things through her.. and to really have the time to be with her in a space ... no rushing. I rush around a lot so it was most definitely nice not to do that.  Of course she reminded me that I said we could get ice cream so we walked over to BiRite Creamery where the line went around the block for the scooped kind, so we settled (NOT) for the soft serve and walked to Delores Park to pop a squat and enjoy the people watching. She loves doing that as much as I do.

After we were done with ice cream we walked back through Clarion Alley watching some guys paint, she was so facinated as well as I was!  So fun to walk people create.  But it was getting late so we jumped back on BART to downtown where we headed to Yerba Buena Carousel  and play park.  She was ready to run around and play!  We noticed they also had a skating rink but we didn't do that this visit, but she is reminded me already that she wants to go back!

Wow, now that I wrote it all down it seems like a lot and it was, but we had a great day.  Really happy knowing I'm going to make a point to get some alone time with her.  She talks more, I listen more and we sure laugh more.