finding the words


do you ever have those moments when you have so many words in your mind but you can't seem to get them out?  I feel like I've had numerous blog posts going on in my head these past few weeks but getting here to get them out has seemed impossible.  Not sure why....  well i do.  

I've been stressed and trying to keep my head afloat.  you see finances over here have me in a tizzy and my youngest just started preschool with teary goodbyes and I'm trying to "take myself" more seriously with my businesses and trying to launch some new ideas ...maybe that's why I haven't been coming here.

i feel like there are so many personal things going on and i'm not really sure what should or shouldn't come out on this page.  the boundry is hazy that's for sure.  sometimes i can you all the most personal thing and then other times i'm just not sure... so i stay away. i seem to do that...huddle in a corner and disengage I guess. Isolate myself.  But that doesn't ever seem to really help. 

i've had some great friends pop into my life this year and i've really felt heard and held and I finally don't feel so alone. I've felt alone most of my life, for reasons all my own I'm sure.  Now if all those great friends could just move in next door life would be perfecto :)

I really plan on coming here more often to share in the triumphs and the not so good stuff going on.  I want to and feel i need to.  We need to be talking about it all.  the good and the bad.  I seem to gloss over the good and I'm learning that I shouldn't.  i want you to know it's not all crappy over here...there are some pretty damn fine moments!  

as always, thanks for coming, i so appreciate you who come here time and time again to share in my story and to share yours.