What is a Map Maker?


A few months back I was in a room with a few friends and they were talking about having a session with the great Alexandra Franzen and how it was totally awesome .... but ...now they had work to do. 

They had to figure out where to start and to get away from being so overwhelmed with awesome ideas.  I was soaking it all in and just said, "I can help you with that"..."what?" ...  "I can help you map everything out, I can break it all down so it's easier to look at and not be so overwhelming"  And that is how it all began.  Well, I've been doing "this" for a long time but not really knowing what "this" is besides being a Project Manager for 10 + years.  But I have a knack for looking at big ideas and making them doable.  Who knew?! 

My friend looked at me with some excitement in her eyes and said "Yes! You're the Map Maker!"  So that is where the name came from and this is what I'm doing!

I'm uber excited about it and every time I get done with a session I'm so jazzed!  Happy and excited for the person I'm helping but also just re-energized about my OWN stuff. 

You see, it's so much easier to do this for other people than it is to do it for myself.  But I have to say I've been taking my own advice and breaking things down and really creating a schedule that is REALISTIC and really checking things off the list. 

I've had this blog post in my head for well over a month.  Telling myself to just do it, or there were obstacles about the webpage, the copy, imagery ..etc...and yes, those things needed or still need to get done but there's nothing wrong with just saying I DO THIS!  and I can do it for you too!  I can help you write that book, I can help you map out the 2-3 ecourses you have in your head, I can help you manage your time and get things done.  The big question is what are you avoiding and what are you afraid of?  Or what will finishing that one project look like and feel like when it's done and out in the world?

I'm ready to help create the map you need to fullfill those dreams, those projects, that life.  It's fun for me and when we're done with just 1 ~ 90 minute session you will have clarity; #1, you will have clarity.  I guarantee it actually.

So ask me questions, tell me what you think...or just do a little happy dance for me because I finally wrote the post that talks about this new adventure!