new beginnings

Peonies Polaroid
Peonies Polaroid

It's been over a year since I last posted, I thought maybe I was done.  This whole blogging thing had run it's course...but here I am.

Today is June 1st and it's the first day of my birthday month.  I may be too old to celebrate my birthday month but this one holds so much.

So much newness, so many things wrapping up or happening. 

Mabel will be printed and shipped out to all the people who believed in us, in her still feels like we're in a dream when I think about the work, the contributors, the words, the art, the images, the angst and the love that has gone into this first issue.  I feel a vulnerability hangover coming on...

Last year I celebrated my 40th so the 40th year is almost coming to a close and I had this list...this list to do before I was 40 ...and then I gave myself the year I was 40 ...and well there are still things on that list i won't be crossing off.  but there are things on that list that have been added so I can ...yes...check them off...  and even though i would of loved to have crossed everything off this list, it doesn't mean i still won't ...things take time...especially when you're a parent...yes, things take time.

In 29 days I will boarding a one-way flight to Boulder, CO to meet up with the Typerider II trip; still can't believe it's so close now.  But I will be riding,  driving along on the trip to document and to live out, yet another dream... to road-trip.  It's going to be good people...very very good.  Follow along here and on facebook~ we'll be posting at the end of every night.

The trip ends in my home town of Beloit, the poetry gardens of Beloit College.  The circles that keep happening...they aren't coincidence.

Welcome to a new month and to new memories and to new beginnings and we'll just have to wait and see what else.