Today I noticed:



What I noticed so far today:

Walking to school and the breeze in the air.

Penelope seeing a friend and giving me a hug goodbye.

Being the 2nd one at the bus stop

Bummed I didn't get a seat on the bus.

Noticing all the different people on the bus ~ inside the bus we're all just human, doesn't matter how much money you have, what you're doing or where you're going.  We're all getting a ride by someone else to a place.  We're equal.

Walking to work and noticing how I navigate through the crowded streets

People's stories around donuts

The man on the street rocking and mumbling

The cheerful and enthusiastic Barista at Starbucks

The syringe between the sidewalks

The mans dirty toes

The line of people waiting for the bus home and how I didn't recognize anyone

Listening to Tiffany Han's podcast and the guest saying "it takes effort" - that resonating

Wanting to paint and clean my space

The clutter

The plastic bag floating through the air and cars on Market Street


What did you notice?