shameless plug **

as you all know I'm part of the fabulous and uber wonder-full Teahouse Studio and as you all know we are throwing some AMA-zing workshops!!!  But what you might not know is that we need help getting the word OUT there - yes, OUT the masses!  And I know this little ol blog might not be getting to the masses but you all might be :) 

So if you don't mind mentioning on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, mountaintops, stop lights, coffee shops about Teahouse and all the fabulousness that it is I'd be most grateful.  And while you're at it...why not check out the amazing workshops and sign up for one, hmmm??  Coming from out of town?  Well we have information on that too and if you have other questions, just ask.  I know times are tough and money is tight, but I'm telling you...this place, it's magical in ways I can't even start to describe here in words.  You need to find out for yourself. 

it still makes me laugh to think all we set out to do is to have this great studio space to create art and ya, throw a few workshops in the front!  well, here we are...we're doing it and it's amazingly awesome but the people need to come and experience it.  you and they...won't regret it.

thanks peeps...appreciate the love.