Gratitude** (Day 1 & 2)

I decided to participate on Flickr's 30 days of Gratitude project; 1 photo a day of anything you are grateful for all of November.  You can still join the group here.

(love this bridge, love I live in this beautiful place)

(grateful for our one on one time ~ mama/daughter time)

(grateful for beautiful walks with little surprises)

There have been a few different conversations I've heard or been a part of these past few days on the topic of Gratitude and how we all feel about it.  Andrea speaks to it here.  A few of us had similar takes on it but also feel like it's a simple reminder to notice how much we all have.  Yes, we should all be grateful for everything we have every day but we don't.  We don't pay attention.  Yes, we should try to do this every day, every month. So instead of feeling bad about ourselves or what we do and don't do....  Let's celebrate the month of November (especially because it's the 11th month of 2011:) and how it can bring us closer to recognizing all that we are grateful for and maybe just maybe we will get into a daily ritual.

I like any kind of photography prompt project that takes me out of my normal routine.  I'm noticing more, I'm more present, I'm carrying my camera a lot more places or at least I have my phone/ipod camera.  It can't hurt that's for sure.

So whether you shoot 1 photo a day or you write down your list at the end of the day or you start giving more.  It's all good.  and I think that's good.