venturing out*

the alarm woke me at 5:45 and I actually got up.  took me 15 minutes to gather my things from the night before and head out into the still dark morning.  i stop for my morning chai and venture out.  some would think i was going shopping with the others on the road ~ the black friday weekend and all.  but no, I'm going across bridges to the edge, to the gate.  I crank my music and roll over and around and down again.  the light in my rear view mirror ...

i got there with time to spare, time to explore a few spots, time to realize how windy and chilly it was there on top, time to see the others who had the same thoughts I did.

this time with my camera was such a gift to myself.  this time alone.  this time exploring and doing my thing on my own time, my own way...was a gift.

being up to see the sun rise ~ a gift. seeing this place that I live in such beautiful light ~ a gift.