one of my first...

a few weeks back I went to shoot the sunrise over the golden gate and what a beautiful day it was.  I also

brought along my polaroid and land camera to capture all the beauty before me.  This one of the golden

gate is one of my favorites and one of my first polaroids that actually came out, like you know what it is!

so very happy and it has me itching to take more and more and more.  I recently bought the blue film

for my land camera so I'll be testing that out this week.  More to come...i'm sure.

Ps. if you're in the Bay Area be sure to stop by Teahouse Studio this Saturday for our Holiday Art/Crafts fair.  It's going to be soooo good! 

Pss.  If you've heard about my "I am awesome." t-shirts and wonder when they'll be on sale ~ well, I will have them listed on Sunday morning ...granted I don't sell out on Saturday :)  No, I promise there will be SOME left to sell on Sunday!  xx