the beautiful bits...

i won't go on and tell you where i've been or what's been going on

i won't tell you the ugly bits that go on inside my head and behind closed doors

i won't tell you the dirty secrets that we all have and the shame wrapped around them

i will tell you about the giggles that i heard from Penelope made my heart almost explode

i will tell you that seeing my girls in a pool made me smile big, big enough to even get me into the pool

i will tell you that those 2 days spent in Santa Cruz on our spring break - staycation healed my heart in small bits

i will tell you that a day at the beach creating structures out of drift wood are good for the soul and everything in between

i will tell you that turning off computers and phones do a mind and body good

i will tell you that a weekend spent with jen lee and friends will have you dropping to your knees with gratitude and love

i will tell you that sitting around tables sharing stories with other women feels like saving the world or if it's just saving me, well that's enough

i will tell you that if i could create my days around sitting around a table or cozied up in chairs sharing our stories i would do it in a heartbeat ~ we heal each other with our words

i will tell you that my polaroid is my newest bff

i will tell you that planning an artist party for my 7 year old Kadison was hard work but it was every bit worth it ~ seeing those canvases done by all the kids made my heart blow up ~ they don't even know ..and that is why.

i will tell you that some days are so hard i don't know what end is up or down but then a light is given to me by a good friend and then i breath again

i will tell you that i have been given so many gifts over the past 2 weeks that i'm not sure what to do with but just knowing they are gifts is enough for now

i will tell that you a 3 week road trip back home to the midwest is in the works and that is the light at the end of the tunnel right now....


what can you tell me?