August Break #3 ~ Five Fact Friday

My friends Kim and Xanthe have this great blog - Reflections of You (ROY) and today is 5 Fact FridaY. What a fund thing to do ~ so I'm participating and YoU should too!

Fact #1: I love love love magazines ~ I constantly am looking for new ones that dazzle me with beautiful photos and articles about far off places and grand adventures.  They bring me places instantly.  Now they are coming out with all of these quarterlies and I can't get enough.....they are like books in the way that I don't let them go!

Fact #2: If I could get in the car tomorrow and head out again on a grand road trip I would ~ the familyroadtrip2012 was epic but I LOVED it, like seriously LOVED it.  part of it was because I was visiting friends and family and I miss them all very much, but part of it was just seeing small towns, beautiful scenery and just being on the road.

Fact #3: I love bowling, like really love bowling.  I think I should join a league or something.  I think I'm pretty good too. (the people/bowling pins below are a fun bunch of peeps)

Fact #4: I love fro-yo with peanut butter cup, nuts and strawberries :) Penelope likes m&m's.

Fact #5: I really do love photographing my kids in the golden light, or any light really :)