Roid Week: Wednesday

Can I just say I'm loving all this Polaroid/Film week ~ I'm pulling old photos that I've taken, taking new and really loving getting used to my cameras.  The above photos were taken with my Polaroid Land Camera with Fuji B/W Film.  It's so fun and they turned out pretty nice too :)  These were taken in Cody, WY on our road trip in July.  This little motel we stayed at had an outdoor pool/campground along with the cabins and had these old buildings around the paremeter of the grounds.  When we pulled in, I knew instantly that I would be taking out my "instant" cameras!  Perfect for this kind of film and feeling.

The photo of the girls feels so timeless - like something I would of seen from my moms childhood, or mine...B/W film can do that.  mmmm so so so good.