Work with Me!

I offer photography services and Virtual Assistant admin support to Creatives. I also offer illustration support for you and/or your project with my Stef Scribbles. Take a look around and if you have a project in mind please email me with your ideas and thoughts and we can go from there.


Stef Scribbles

I now offer Stef Scribbles on a commission basis. See my collection of 800+ Stef Scribbles on Instagram at #stefscribbles and if you'd like a Stef Scribble created for you or a friend . . .


I'm available to shoot photographs for your book, or your website. Do you have a special event that you'd like documented? I specialize in natural light photography and work with artists and creatives in their creative spaces, studios or in nature . . .

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Virtual Assistant

I'm great with the nitty and the gritty and I've worked for many creative entrepreneurs helping to get their behind the scenes neat and tidy so they can focus on their creative work. Contact me about a project you might need some help with!