Frankie - 4x6 Framed Watercolor Print

Frankie - 4x6 Framed Watercolor Print


Watercolor with embroidery accents on watercolor paper. 4x6 framed print.

Frankie lives on the Upper East side in Manhattan; she’s been there her whole life. She doesn’t go outside much but when she does she has the same route and the same places she stops into...she’s been like this for the last 10 years... since her partner died. She knows she’s not well but can’t seem to get herself out of this cycle. Yesterday there was a glimmer of hope when a young girl on a skateboard accidentally rode into her and she had to change her course and talk with someone.. she was upset at first but this little girl had the brightest eyes and the sweetest smile... she couldn’t help but think how many others she hasn’t met...

story included on back

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